Drone Agricultural and Survey Mapping

Gunn Photography Services offers drone agricultural mapping services for farmers and anyone needing true GIS orthographic maps in Cleveland and Northeast Ohio.

Our drone aircraft use the latest technology to accurately map your property, and can help you survey crops for disease.

Our drones/uav’s have a number of uses for farmers:

Mapping — This is potentially the most important application as drones/UAVs have the ability to gather hundreds of images of a field, which can be processed and turned into a high resolution map. This allows a farmer to see everything going on in the interior of his fields.

Crop scouting — Drones and UAVs are portable, making them an easy addition to a farm. Farmers can send a Drone/UAV over a field and see on a monitor the images the UAV is taking in real time. This helps cut down on the time spent scouting crops and gives a farmer a much bigger overview of what’s happening in his or her field.

Population counting — Drones and UAVs can be pre-programed to fly to a specific GPS coordinate in a field and take an image of that exact area. Then a farmer can count the number of emerged plants and manage based on that information.

Skyhunter Mapping Drone

A mapping drone in Cleveland Ohio

The Skyhunter Mapping Drone is capable of producing accurate vertical maps for a variety of industries and uses.