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We’re Here for Your Aerial Photography and Video Needs

I am a commercial photographer and editor in the radio-controlled car and airplane industry, creating extensive product reviews for magazines and websites. I possess an FAA Part 107 certification as a Remote Pilot with a Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems type rating, multiple waivers and authorizations for class B and class C airspaces, and an FCC Technician radio operator license. I’ve combined my passion for model aviation and photography into Gunn Photography Services, LLC. The idea behind starting the business was to offer affordable aerial photography and video to anyone requiring high-resolution pictures and video from above.

Typically, the aerial photography industry has been dominated by pilots with full-sized airplanes and helicopters. Fuel and maintenance costs, pilot fees, and aircraft rental fees are often factored in when using real aircraft, and that can make the request of a few simple aerial photos expensive and uneconomical. But only in the last 10 years have relatively inexpensive radio-controlled drones become sophisticated enough to produce the high-quality imagery needed for today’s competitive online marketing, especially in the real estate and construction fields.  With advanced automatic stabilization systems and GPS positioning, drones can hover virtually motionless while a camera operator looks through a monitor and sees what the camera sees, or fly on a virtual rail as the operator controls the camera gimbal independently. This allows for extremely precise photography and smooth aerial video at affordable costs.

I recognize the potential of drones for photography and video in Northeast Ohio, and his desire to bring aerial media to anyone wanting it is the reason behind Gunn Photography Services, LLC.